Lemak Bakeries is a 100% black owned company operating in Johannesburg with a specific focus in bakery and its services. We are currently situated in Soweto with a footprint in other Provinces such as Tzaneen and Limpopo through word of month and social media.


Lemak Bakeries currently has a network of six  people with the potential to grow to ten as soon as the business finds proper business premises to work from. To date we have grown gradually due to capacity and there is still room for growth.




Our business objectives are to:


  • produce fresh and excellent quality bakery products
  • provide the youth  within the community with skills
  • be a profitable and sustainable entity




Our goal is to grow the business and develop and empower the youth in the township.




Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of ordinary individuals through retaining our loyal employees by giving a stake of the business to the deserving staff as the business grows.




We supply bakery products to the following markets:


  • Event coordinators
  • Home bake industry
  • Insurance(long-term)
  • Funeral service providers
  • Weddings and social events
  • Schools (healthy bran muffins)
  • General public over counter sales
  • Church functions and public events
  • Staple bread, preferably half a loaf
  • Taxi ranks and train stations (scones)
  • Surrounding coffee shops and restaurants
  • Corporate companies and training venues
  • Municipality offices for meetings and workshops